What is CWLA ?

Often these type of associations are formed when issues arise concerning the environmental health of an area. The association is not a policing agent but rather a group of people coming together for a common goal to be achieved through education, communication, and cooperation.

In the summer of 2010, when cyanobacteria were discovered at elevated levels in Chamcook Lake, it became important for municipal and provincial governments to consult with stakeholders about the associated risks, and to work together toward identifying solutions to this water quality concern.

Soon after, various stakeholders were invited by the Town of St. Andrews to participate in a multi-stakeholder committee to address knowledge gaps in our collective understanding of the problem and to discuss potential solutions. It became evident that there was a missing link between the town, provincial government regulatory agencies, and the landowners within the Chamcook Watershed, who had no formal organization or means of representation.

Watershed landowners also expressed interest in becoming organized to better address concerns related to provincial regulations, water levels, and Chamcook Lake’s use as a potable and industrial water source.

At a public meeting held on July 14, 2012 a large group of concerned landowners voted to create the Chamcook Watershed Landowners' Association (CLWA) in order to represent the unique interests of watershed property owners.

The goal of the association is to Preserve, Protect and Defend Environmental, Aesthetic and Recreational Values within the Chamcook watershed.

If you are a landowner within the Chamcook Watershed you are welcome to join with your neighbours and become a member of the CWLA.