The site has been designed to be informative, educational and to serve as a means of keeping you, our members, informed of what is happening in and around the watershed. As well, you have a forum to contact us if there is something you’d like to bring to the attention of the Directors of the organisation.

CWLA’s mission is to preserve, protect and defend the environmental, aesthetic and recreational value of the Chamcook watershed

for the enjoyment and benefit of landowners, and those whether within or outside the watershed who rely on the good quality and quantity of its water and habitat to sustain their way of life. The area of concern includes the six lakes - Chamcook, Second Chamcook, Gibson, Limeburner, Welch and Snowshoe - and adjoining lands.

Until the formation of this organization, there was no credible unified voice to deliver a concerted message concerning issues in the watershed. Now we have that voice - a vital step in our taking part in the governance of Chamcook Watershed.

We will be continually working to have that voice heard when and where necessary. It is our continued hope that if you are a landowner, you will participate in this important process.

If you haven’t taken out or renewed your membership yet, I encourage you to do so. On behalf of the CWLA Board of Directors and all members, I invite you to get involved. Together we have a loud voice: separate we are often unheard.

If you have issues, concerns or just a great story to tell of your experience around the watershed, please feel free to contact us.

We’d love to hear from you.