CWLA Officers & Committees


Executive Officers

Chairperson - Donna Muir

Vice-Chairperson - Rick MacMillan

Secretary - Lezlie LeBlanc

Treasurer - Sandy Thurber 

Immediate Past Chairperson - Pat Mowatt



Committees as of March, 2014


Issues and Solutions Committee (Identify current issues & solutions / action plans)

Pat Mowatt, David Wildish, Donne Smith, Tom Clark, Donna Muir, Jamie Carpenter, Lezlie Leblanc, Richard Tarn, Stan Choptiany (liaison)


Fundraising & Marketing Committee (Committee responsible for building membership and grant writing)

Sandy Thurber, Donald Killorn


Membership Committee
Donne Smith, Leslie Leblanc.

Science & Education Committee

Brian Glebe, David Wildish, Rick MacMillan, Richard Tarn, Donald Killorn, Sandy ThurberTom Clark.

Bylaw/Policy & Procedure Committee
Donne Smith, Richard Tarn, Donna Muir,