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References - Chamcook Watershed


1. Anon 1974. Chamcook Lake Hydrologic study: updated. 35pp + Appendix.

Contractor: Acres International Ltd, Halifax.

Sponsor: NB Dept. of Fisheries and Environment.


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Contractor: Acres International Ltd, Halifax.

Sponsor: Sureline Aquaculture Products Ltd., St. George (Glen Cooke, president)


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Contractor: NATECH Environmental Services Inc., Harvey station, N.B.

Sponsor: NB Dept of Environment.


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Sponsor: NB Dept of the Environment.


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Contractor: Independent.

Sponsor:NB Dept of the Environment.


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Contractor: Independent.

Sponsors: Town of St. Andrews, NB Dept of the Environment, NB Dept Health and federal Dept Fisheries & Environment.


7.Tinker,S. 2013. Chamcook Watershed Monitoring and Protection Project. Final report. 31pp.

Contractor: Atlantic Salmon Federation.

Sponsor: New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.



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